Album Review: Stories in Braille

Death / / Compromise album cover

Death / / Compromise album cover

San Jose’s indie rock band, Stories in Braille, release a new album tomorrow, titled Death // Compromise. Its been two years since they’ve released an album, Here Is Love. They are finally back and ready to share their new songs.

Death // Compromise is still fairly consistent with Stories in Braille’s ambiatic style, but they somehow tackle a newfound dark side in their music. The new album picks up where their last EP (Princes, Paupers, and Thieves) left off, adding on more songs about loss and betrayal. Along with a contrasting theme, of “lies [and] death and compromise”, are a few new developments in their music style. With aggressive lyrics comes a more harsh gritty style, first heard in the middle of Maps & Mazes, as vocalist Jay Kim builds up the aggressive energy in the song. The noise and grit further increases in Gomer’s Breed and further across the album but still fits into their overall sound. Death // Compromise marks the start of some brave new additions to Stories in Braille’s style.

Track Listing

  1. Gethsemane
  2. Princes, Paupers, and Thieves
  3. Maps & Mazes
  4. Gomer’s Breed
  5. Annabel Lee
  6. Death of Narcissus
  7. The Carousel
  8. Atmosphere
  9. All is Sea
  10. The Air Is Clear
  11. Flooded (acoustic)

Highlight Tracks: Death of Narcissus, Gomer’s Breed

Listen to more songs by Stories in Braille here.

Listen to more songs by Stories in Braille here.

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