KSJS: San Francesca In-Studio Session

San Francesca on Lost & Loaded, hosted by Sean V.

For years I’ve wanted to visually show bands and others who’ve ask about having live sets on the former Blacklight Findings, in a true quality method. Now, thanks to some brand new faces who are taking a full-fledged interest in the KSJS Rock department and the South Bay music scene, there is a video up to show the drill and what to expect when bands come into the station for interviews and live sets.

This one features San Jose’s post-rock band, San Francesca on the new KSJS Rock show, Lost & Loaded, Wednesday nights from 6-10pm.

Thanks to Sean Visser for hosting these two awesome bands and also a very special thanks to Peter Paolo and Joshua Pausanos for filming and editing.

Subscribe to the new KSJS Rock YouTube channel at ksjssubrock

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