Radio Promotion Companies-Is my band ready?

A few close friends recently asked my opinion on working with a radio promotion company. It’s a hard question to tackle because each band is its own unique position so there’s no specific answer. Based on where the band is and what specifically they’d like to do next it can be an option to pursue right away or hold off until its more viable. These are two main points to sit down, write out, and think about further.

-Evaluate your budget

Take a look at how much you can spend on a campaign, hopefully a fresh one for either a tour or an album, preferably both. If you have enough to spend that won’t leave you bone dry, in a sense, have a healthy enough cushion in addition to what you’re willing to spend. If not, find some ways to start adding to savings. See what you need to spend and make a savings plan that can help reach what amount you’ll need so you can sign up for a campaign.

-Evaluate band’s current position

There are two big questions to answer. Can the band tour yet? Is there a new album to promote? Campaigns take a lot of energy, not just for the promotion company, but, for the band to put out. It can help if all members have fresh energy to put into promoting a new period for the band, whether it’s a tour or a new release, maybe both. It might be best to time a campaign with a new album release and tour since it marks a new period that will be exciting not just for current fans but for the band as well. Mentally it will help with promotions if the band can promote an album that is new and exciting, that is, if the whole band is ready to take this step.

It doesn’t hurt, of course, to start asking around to see what different companies offer. Once you talk to a fair amount compare and contrast what they have to offer to see what best fits your budget and you band’s needs. If there’s one you like go for it. If not, reevaluate and see what you need to accomplish first.

These are just a few great places I recommend to start looking.

1) Pirate! Promotions – San Francisco, CA

2) The Syndicate – Weehawken, NJ

3) The Planetary Group – Los Angeles, CA

4) Team Clermont – Athens, GA

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