Band Feature: Guy Fox

Photo Copyright: Skeleton Key Photography

Photo Copyright: Skeleton Key Photography

Guy Fox, newly based in San Francisco, is starting to grow their fanbase throughout the Bay Area. All members moved from the East Coast in hopes of being a part of the creative energy they see being utilized here. They are set to play in San Jose at SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery with Curious Quail, Sweet Hayah, and Bears! Bears! Bears!

The origin of their name comes from a spin on Guy Fawkes himself. Their first show was two years ago, on Guy Fawkes day (11/5). Though not particular towards or against any of his stances, the name itself stuck with the band which led to the development of their band name.  Three of the members, Peter Granquist (drums, vocals), Greg Waters (guitar, sax, vocals), and Nate Witherbee (guitar, vocals), met while going to school in Maine. On their move to San Francisco they met their fourth permanent member, Charlie Moore (bass, piano).  “Charlie was another former East Coaster,” states Granquist. “After an all night dance party he was invited on board based on his dance moves alone.”

Though they come from the East Coast  Guy Fox has found room for growth within the Bay Area. They are recording their next album at Tiny Telephone Studios (set for release in the Spring) and have played at various hubs for music, like The Rickshaw Stop, Brick and Mortar, and Bottom of the Hill. Even though parts of the Bay Area closes its nightlife up quickly Guy Fox still sees positive energy in music growth and development. “Things quiet down a lot earlier here than in New York City,” states Granquist, “but what the Bay lacks in curfew it makes up for in pure bombast! We love living in a city where every weekend is an excuse for a costume party and fans come out ready to freak-out and dance.”

As music venues start to close in the South Bay few options remain for local and touring bands to play appropriate shows. Guy Fox, however, are particularly excited about their show at the Art Boutiki this Friday (Jan. 18) based on the great reputation they have heard about live music shows from various locals. “The Art Boutiki isn’t about bands being piled up at the side of the bar to make background noise,” explains Granquist. “Our friends in Big Tree have told us how people are there because they care about live music. We can’t wait to take part and hope the relocation doesn’t take too long!”

Guy Fox plays at SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery with Curious Quail, Sweet Hayah, and Bears! Bears! Bears! Friday Jan. 18. Tickets are $10 For more information on the show, click here.

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